This clue directed players to call ISETV before they headed to the next clue location. Given various timing issues, ISETV directed teams to go straight to Amboy Crater without having to complete this clue.

When triangulated, the three seismographs would result in an earthquake epicenter at Amboy Crater. Each seismograph had a distinct set of S and P waves. Taking the difference in time from when the S and P waves hit each city, the approximate distance from each city to the epicenter could be computed.

Ventura: S-P = 35, distance ~ 350 km, 217 mi
Modesto: S-P = 61, distance ~ 600 km, 372 mi
Tempe: S-P = 40, distance ~ 390 km, 242 mi

Unfortunately, the log entry stated that the “…disturbance traveled one km in 10 seconds…” when the actual formula was roughly 10 km per second.


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