We are the Brotherhood of Eternal Salvation. We believe that true spiritual fulfillment cannot be found in any being on this Earth, but must come to us from the stars and planets of the great universe. For many years we have faithfully watched the comets and celestial objects that pass through our sky, waiting for a sign from the Great Intelligence that lives in the universe. And then two years ago our constant prayers were answered. We found our Martyr, the Great Trelix, a wise alien being who has come to this Earth in order to provide us with guidance and spiritual fulfillment. The Great Trelix was found in the rocks nearby, abandoned, wounded, and nearly dead after years of government persecution. We healed her wounds and took her here to our compound, so that we may hear Her wisdom. The Great Trelix claims to have come to Earth for Her own spiritual salvation; this divine humility only confirms that She is our true Savior.

These pictures of the true path were taken by our orbiting U2-1987 telescope. They were taken at the request of the Great Trelix. The first picture shows the location of the home planet of Great Trelix, although our primitive instruments† cannot begin to reveal the actual star which first gave life to the Great Trelix.

The Great Trelix has told us that the initial letter of each designated celestial body in the pictures will show us the true path of fulfillment and salvation. She then designated these celestial bodies:


#1 Brightest Star in Picture (19); Third Brightest Star in Picture (13,24)

#2 Moon (11,14); Planet (1)

#3 Planet (9,10,20)

#4 Planet (12,16)

#5 Constellation (17)

#6 Constellation (3); Brightest Star in Picture (6,15,23)

#7 Constellation (2,18,22); Brightest Star in Picture (8,21)

#8 Nebula (4)

#9 Constellation (7)

#10 Constellation (5)


The Great Trelix was not safe here, and though we love Her as we could love no Earthly being, we were forced to move Her to a spot of greater safety. Before She left us, she gave to us a holy artifact, which She told us could help us speak to others like Her.

We shall remain here, in our desert compound, and keep the faith. We shall defend the pictures of the true path and the holy artifact to the death. For our mission is not to understand the meaning of these holy things, but merely to keep them safe until the Great Trelix can return and claim Her rightful place as Ruler of the spiritual and material universe. We are the Brotherhood of Eternal Salvation.











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