Log entry #9

Aphelion 1092

When the mothership approached this time, I had a strange vision, the leader of a powerful nation had died, no not a nation, but something like a nation, perhaps a tribe, no not a tribe either, but something very powerful. But anyway he had died, just two days before the Aphelion, and so there was a gathering, a meeting of men, scheduled for right underneath the spot where the mothership arrived. But I saw nothing else about the location, except that it was a city of some kind, I know it was a city.

I am talking with Agent Redlum on the phone now every few weeks, I stay at this bar and use the phone here, the bar owners are very nice, they let me stay here as long as I sing every night to entertain them. Agent Redlum promises to help me build a new transmitter and says that he can get others in his government to help, maybe within the next Aphelion I will meet him in person, he promises me he will not harm me. He says that everything will work out if I trust him, but I am slow to trust after what his government did three Aphelions ago.

I left most of the transmitter with friends at rotting house where I spent last Aphelion, my friends promised to guard transmitter piece with laser science that I teach them. My friends say they will guard transmitter piece for decades if necessary, keep it away from government. I fear that if others come to try and retrieve transmitter piece, my friends will try to destroy them, if anyone else is reading this, be careful, lasers very dangerous, could destroy you.

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