Log entry #8

Aphelion 1091

Last Aphelion I meet friends among the rocks who helped to heal me and then bring me here to secret place. They find me easily among rocks, I be hurt bad, they follow trail of glowing fluid that was seeping from my body, they draw map of where they found me, shows where trail of glowing fluid begins. They help to learn me English and they hide me in rotting house from the Terran agents who still chase me, I think I can trust them, I will leave a piece of broken transmitter with them, I know it is safe with them and it does me no good now, they promise to keep the transmitter piece safe in their house and not to let the wrong persons get transmitter piece. They form group to protect the transmitter piece from bad people who might come after it, they promise to protect it forever.

I am happy that I meet friends here who will protect me and keep transmitter piece safe, but I cannot stay here forever, people still chasing me from before, my friends here will take me to a saloon for horses where I will be safe, where nobody will think to come looking for me.

I have vision but cannot remember vision, I hope that somehow whoever is reading this will know where the mothership came this Aphelion, I cannot remember it.

I look up in sky and see stars and planets, friends like the stars and outer space and they have telescope and they take pictures. I leave favorite pictures here with them; the first is my most favorite it is my home planet in the middle of the picture but much too far away, you cannot see my planet or my stars.   Others are pictures of planets and stars and constellations, very pretty.

I learn English good now, and I telephone with a good government agent, his name is Agent Redlum, he says he has followed me since the tragedy two Aphelions ago, he says he wants to meet me, I do not know should I trust him? I am hoping to someday meet with Agent Redlum, he seems nice and he can help me build a new transmitter maybe, the one I have now is broken, I am leaving part of it here with my friends, they are good friends they are learning me English.

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