log entry 7

aphelion 1090

i be still full of sadness and grief. i still feel horror too great to express. i cannot believe such loss. i cannot understand why it happens? terrans cause great loss. explosion and fire all over. fear my life. i run hard to hide.

days later i find papers from terran. disturbance traveled one km in 10 seconds.

but still my people search. they send new ship, new ship still use same map, new ship visit and i have vision: terrans sad, tense, terrans in blue fringe. wailing. death marches from north and south. marches back. sadness among all terrans there for those they have lost, even though just few days before they win conflict and save themselves, they still sad for all they lost.

but i cannot communicate with ship. i have transmitter but it be broken, one piece be missing, i know not where piece be. i know not where beacon be that i use two aphelions ago. i be lost, i run so fast and so far last time that i not know where i be now. i know not what to do. terran government agents still chase me, they find me after tragedy and track me down here and shoot me. i must hide up here in rocks. i be shot, hurt, not dying but hurting and fluid glows on rocks below me, shows where i be. i need move on, cannot stay, will i run forever now?

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