log entry 6

aphelion 1089

i cannot believe terrans do what they do. i not understand. too terrible. too horrible.

i blame myself, i let terrans know mothership coming, last aphelion when i send message at beacon, i let terrans hear message from beacon, so terrans are at amboy, i think they here to help but they not here to help.

at aphelion i see mothership coming, my people coming, i sense them coming, i have vision, i see them coming amboy, i wait amboy, i see ship arrive in sky, i so happy

below ship i see hundreds of cars, lights, tents, government people waiting for ship. i stay hide. i get bad feeling.

then mothership in air surrounded by crude terran airships, terrans all around on the ground running, loud noises, talk, threats, explosion, fire, mothership falling, falling then crashing, explosion, confusion, hundreds dead. i wait, i watch hiding, helpless, scared.

next day, all quiet. all terrans are gone. i come out of hiding. i go to crater. no signs of life. everyone gone. great sadness. i cannot understand. great sadness.

i feel guilt for hundreds dead. terrans listen to message to mothership. terrans know location. kill my people. i to blame.

i encode directions back to terran beacon, must encode well so evil government people cannot follow it back and find beacon. but i cannot go back, i must run away, find rocky place, cave, hide from government people.

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