log entry 5

aphelion 1088

no good english but see animals plants objects so leave directions as plants, animals, objects, alone here in desert no friendly terran to help write like last time.

another vision this aphelion of my people search, vision from terran airwaves.

hooked up transmitter to beacon at aphelion, try to tune it to the right frequency. found terran music show with people screaming, screaming, seeing singer in airwaves, famous show. vision gets stronger, merges with the music. if i can dream . . . music and vision blur. feel one with singer, want to go home. see ship gracefully land, home for him.

after vision, joyful news, i tune right, able to use beacon to communicate with ship, i see coordinate on my planet map not far, to the east of me near small town named amboy. i tell my ship meet me there next aphelion. great joy.

my next log be my last. i be rescued after six long aphelions on planet, cannot imagine how i survive so long but soon it will be over, ship responds to message they be at amboy next aphelion, terrans hear message also, they be there too, friendly government people, maybe they help, they use crude airships, maybe they show my ship where to land. this be friendly planet, friendly helpful terrans, i know all work out good. great joy.

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