log 4


meet friendly terran here, friendly terran write directions for me.

terran be helpful, terran learn to me how to write and read the new language of english which is needed for me, language i used for first two logs be very old, nobody uses that language anymore.

my mothership be still searching for me, they have come four times now, this time they look for almost an hour, i sense them and see where they are, this time they be over a desert, natives watched them wait, but they are far, i cannot reach them. i have map so I could make code, but part of transmitter be still at crash location must get back to location to fix transmitter, talk with them. but where was crash i cannot remember mind still confused.

i sense beacon nearby, maybe beacon can be changed so it talk to my friends next time they come, i go search for beacon now, will let friendly terran place message here.

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