Log entry #13

Aphelion 1096

Today I made a horrifying discovery: the tips of my fingers and toes are distinctly lighter in color than the rest of body. I remember from my briefing that this is could be an early symptom of Rencar, a necrotic disease which begins in the extremities, and then moves through the organism until the entire body decays. I have been away so long from the natural daily rhythms of my home planet that my susceptibility must be greatly increased. Perhaps I am overreacting. I cannot afford to give in to such a terrible thought. If I actually lose my health while stranded on this world, there is nobody who can restore me.

I was so concerned with my own health that I could not concentrate on the visitation. I was aware of their presence, and I could feel them reaching out for me, seeking me with their minds, but I was unable to make any connection. So I have no idea where they might have come down—surely it was nowhere on this continent, or else I would have felt their presence much more powerfully.

I spent the last Aphelion at one of the many institutes of higher education which the Terrans have constructed in this area. I used some of the science that I learned there to construct the locator clue; the clue is based on a machine that the Terrans developed years ago. I also included some of my small friends inside the envelope. They will help you find the exact location of my last hiding place once you know where you’re going.

I have a good hiding place here. As long as I keep moving through the maze, it is doubtful that any of the Terran agents who pursue me will ever find me. But now I must move on. Perhaps I can prevent the Rencar—or at least slow its spread—by moving to an area with a greater saline content in the air. Alas, I know very little of chemistry or medicine; they are far from my field of specialty, and I failed to study these subjects at the location where I spent the last Aphelion. However, I do remember that most of this planet’s surface is covered by a great ocean composed of saline water. I believe I may be near that body of water now. So I will journey towards the coastline of that ocean, in the hopes that I may recover my health there.

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