Log entry #12

Aphelion 1095

This was perhaps my best hiding place yet. Here I had access to all of the Terranís science and learning. I spent many weeks studying Terran geography and engineering. Then I immersed myself so deeply in studies of mathematics that when I had my vision of the visitation, I saw the coordinates in purely mathematical form. I copied them down exactly as I saw them:







Where (c-ad) is the Terran longitude in degrees east, and (bd) is the Terran latitude in degrees south.

I found the location easily enough on my map, but then realized the futility of that task, since I cannot possibly remember the coordinates for any of the past eleven visitations. I finally concluded that since I cannot possibly reconstruct the code myself, the map is useless to me, and so I am abandoning it here in the hopes that it may be of use to whomever tries to reconstruct my path.

I now retain only one tiny piece of my shipís transmitter, which I carry as a grisly souvenir of my past life. It is the last remnant of my doomed ship. I doubt that I shall ever part with it, unless things are becoming so bleak that I have lost nearly all hope.

Agent Redlum still pursues me relentlessly. I can sense him nearby, using this planetís crude technology to try and track me, but now that I know his true motivations, I should find it easy to elude him. I still find it difficult to comprehend how he could have betrayed me so completely. After what he did to me, and what his government did to my people, I doubt that I can ever trust another Terran again.

At least I still have my health. I can probably survive on this planet for twenty or more Aphelions, as long as I avoid contracting one of the many diseases that I am vulnerable to after such a long time away from home. And after so many Aphelions of good health, there is no reason to believe otherwise.

After studying different subjects here, I now feel quite comfortable with the English language. I have discovered that when Terrans get bored they challenge each other to scribbling the words of their language. It was always frustrating to play with Terrans, because they would always cheat and use one proper noun in every game I played. I knew that proper nouns were illegal, but they would disguise their action by using a name from one of their bizarre holiday traditions, and I didnít know enough about Terran culture to figure it outÖ

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