Log entry #11

Aphelion 1094

Agent Redlum and his team tracked me here only a few hours before the Aphelion, and they chased me all around the mountainside. I had to move quickly from one hiding place to another, with only a few seconds to write down instructions on where I was going. I left these instructions, along with pieces of the locator clue, at each of my hiding places all over the mountain; that way Redlum can never reconstruct the locator clue unless he is very, very clever and has an excellent sense of direction. An altimeter would help him, but he would have to possess the wisdom of Noah himself to have one of those along with him.

Finally I was able to rest at this spot on the mountainside, and luckily Redlum and his team moved away just before the visitation started. I was quite helpless during the visitation itself: the vision actually caused me to fall into a trance during the vision, which seemed to drain me of some energy. It was a disturbing occurrence; I pray that it will not happen again.

The visions I received were nondescript, for the most part: the mothership was hovering over some land near the water. It only stayed for about eighty minutes, but it attracted attention nonetheless: just as it left, a Terran warplane approached it at top speed, ready for battle. Of course, the mothership was able to escape unharmed, but I fear for any Terran craft that might enter the area over the next day or two. The warplane’s pilot might be confused; he might believe that the “hostile aliens” have returned, and attack the Terran craft rashly out of fear and ignorance.

I tried to use the map to determine where this visitation occurred, but to no avail. Perhaps I will abandon the map on the next Aphelion; it seems to do me no good, and anyway most of the transmitter is lost, probably forever.

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