Log entry #10

Aphelion 1093

I cannot believe what has happened, Agent Redlum set a trap for me, he tried to capture me. He set up a meeting and when I arrived dozens of men dressed like him in dark suits were all around with guns, and they tried to come after me, they fired guns at me and grabbed me and tried to load me into a large van. I broke free and fled, I hid under this dam. After so many conversations and so much trust, I cannot understand why Redlum would betray me, I will never understand the Terrans, no matter how long I am trapped on their planet.

I barely had time to leave the locator clue. After studying this planet for so many Aphelions, this is one of my favorite creation stories, one that Agent Redlum should take to heart.

While I was hiding under the dam the mothership came looking for me again, I nearly went into a trance when I had my vision, the visions seem to be getting stronger with each Aphelion. All I saw is a bunch of lines, some bent, some straight, the lines zip together and cross at letters which seem to mean something, some kind of code. I copied it down exactly as I saw it, and attached it to my log entry, the letter Z is the key to locating the landing site.

At the bar where I stayed over the last Aphelion, the customers were kind enough to help me with my English, they taught me many songs, they let me sing for them every night. I also studied English on my own, so that by next Aphelion I can be fluent, it is too dangerous to try to survive here without knowing English. Luckily I am nearly fluent now in English language and punctuation, so I can fit in better, keep away from those who will harm me like Redlum.

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