The next clue location was the Buckiní Horse Saloon in Lucerne Valley. The Buckiní Horse is a country western bar with a large stage and a deluxe Karaoke machine.

Several ISETV members visited the prior day to drop off clues. The only direction to the bartender and bar owner was that each team should sing one Karaoke song before receiving their clue envelope.

Pictured here is Team Hazard finding their groove.

This picture shows  Team Orange cutting loose on a fine country western tune.

Team Purple, the first team to the site, generously provided a round of drinks for the house and asked that each of the following teams be forced to buy a round of drinks for all the bar patrons. Apparently the crowd at the bar doubled as the evening wore on and the free drinks flowed. This was a favorite clue location for many teams.

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