Three ISETV members engaged teams in friendly games of Laser Tag at this dark desert location.

The goal for these teams was to tag two ISETV “gunmen” successfully and retrieve a clue and a second piece of their extraterrestrial transmitter from an abandoned house.

As teams arrived at the site in the black of night, they were waved to the side of the road. An ISETV member suited up to six members of each team with toy Laser Tag guns and chest targets.

Pictured here is the sandy path where teams started out on their way to a burned-out, cinderblock house, near where the ISETV gunmen hid.

Since only two ISETV gunmen could compete against each team, the ISETV members had guns with 100' of range—double the range of the players' guns.

Team Pink valiantly passed Team Purple on the desert highway leading up to this site, so they had the honor of going first. They quickly swarmed their way to victory and their next clue.

Next came the Purple Team sporting special equipment—night vision goggles! The two ISETV gunmen didn’t know what hit them. One member only heard, “there, I see one, behind that cactus” right before his chest target signaled that he had been hit.

Later in the evening, the other ISETV gunman had an unfortunate run-in with a cactus. The ISETV team plucked cactus spines from his knee with pliers for half an hour.

Pictured here is the second transmitter piece, a black box with sixteen switches. One switch on each row is labeled with 0 and 1. One row starts with switch I and the other ends with switch XVI.

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