Players were directed to go to this streambed near the Indian Cove Campground in Joshua Tree National Park. At the streambed entrance, a trail of glow sticks lighted the way to a flashing red beacon.

As noted in the prior log entry, “…I be hurt bad, they follow trail of glowing fluid that was seeping from my body, they draw map of where they found me, shows where trail of glowing fluid begins.”

There was just enough moonlight that some teams found it easier to turn off their flashlights and follow the glow sticks.

On game day, ISETV members planting this clue forgot the clue packet for this location in Orange County. Fortunately backups were in the car, so a quick trip to the local copy center allowed them to recreate the clue envelopes. As such, this site only had white envelopes,  unlike the color envelopes at every other site.

Team Pink was kind enough to leave a talking greeting card to taunt Team Blue at this site, just as they had for other teams at many of the other sites. Unfortunately a player on Team Blue left the site with a bright pink taunt card but not with his clue.

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