Amboy Crater, a volcanic crater halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, presented one of the toughest physical challenges of the game for players.

When players called ISETV at the prior clue site, they were told to take Amboy Road North from 29 Palms, and to drive 1.1 miles West past the junction of Amboy Road and National Trails Highway. At 0.2 miles after the guardrail ended, there would be a dirt road on the left with a short black national monument sign.

Players were told to park in the parking lot, to run about a mile towards the crater and to walk to the right side of the crater, where an entrance path was located. Once inside the crater, they were to look for an ancient alien marking and to use a specific combination provided to them (20-10-20) to open a box and get their clue.

The easiest entrance to the crater was found by following the brown trail signs to the right. Pictured here is a gentle path that leads into the crater.

Many teams didnít notice the hiking signs and ended up scaling the higher crater walls.

The one game casualty occurred at this site, as a Team Pink member tripped and cut his knee when running out of the crater.

On the floor of the crater were rocks in a form a circle with an X in the middle, marking the clue location. Buried in the sand at the center of the X was a metal fuse box containing the next clue and locked with a combination lock.

Unfortunately, several teams forgot to share the combination with all of their players. ISETV received calls from players inside the crater who werenít able to contact their own vans to get the combination. The steep crater walls prevented them from communicating with their team members via walkie-talkie.

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