Several miles west of Highway 138 are a series of ‘sandstone monuments,’ rock formations several hundred feet high and at times perilous to climb, as ISETV members discovered while scouting this location.

This view from the parking lot shows the ‘extinct stream’ which is the dry drainage area to the left.

This area near highway 138 has many sets of railroad tracks. While scouting, ISETV members often heard trains moving in the distance and train whistles on occasion.

A train did pass over these tracks just as two ISETV members were planting their clues early Sunday morning!

This is the view back towards the parking area. At least two teams parked early and ran the wrong direction down the wrong train tracks. The winning team located the clue in less than 5 minutes.

This is the drainage culvert where ISETV members planted the next clue. The highly aromatic clues were sealed tightly in two Rubbermaid containers so that wild animals wouldn't eat the clues.

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