This was a three part site-clue. The first picture of footprints is one of a few dozen such tiles in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The horizontal line in the picture is an imprint of a cigar, the unique trademark of George Burns.

In front of the theatre is the Walk of Stars, a series of brass stars in the sidewalk with names of entertainers. There are five categories of stars including Motion Pictures, Television, Radio, Recording, and Live Theatre. Many entertainers have multiple stars, and George Burns has three for Radio, Recording and Live Theatre. The one in the second picture is his Live Theatre star.

Once players found the Live Theatre star for George Burns next to this store, then they had to find the next clue.

The Geranium leaf included in their envelope provided the final hint. About 10 feet from the star was a large circular cement planter of mostly dead flowers. However, on early Sunday morning, two ISETV members placed a brightly flowering pink Geranium pot in the planter. Players who looked under the pot found a plastic container with clue envelopes inside.

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