On May 24, 1998 at 12:19PM PDT, the Pink Investment Group (a.k.a. Men In Pink) was able to successfully signal the visiting Cygnan space ship. Their truly heroic efforts ensured the retrieval and survival of Trelix R. Saratreet.

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Pictured from the left are James Gwertzman, Hadi Partovi, Joe Peterson, J Allard, David Treadwell (behind), Chris Jones and Thomas Reardon.

With Christine in the foreground, Chris Jones and James Gwertzman of the victorious Team Pink munch on a 10 foot victory sub.

In the background are the cages of the Old LA Zoo, now a picnic area.

Team Purple came in a convincing second place about 2 hours later.

Christine, Eric (barely visible), James and Ric chat it up with Hadi Partovi and James Gwertzman of Team Pink, while sporting new ISETV white t-shirts. T-shirts were distributed eventually to all game players.

In an amazing photo finish to decide third place, Joe Belfiore and John Tippet sprinted madly for the finish line, e.g. the picnic table. Joe started with a lead of 100 yards, but John caught up quickly. Joe managed to hang on to secure third place for Team Red. After more than 28 hours, the Red and Orange Teams finished within seconds of each other!

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