The Commodore Heim Bridge is a drawbridge on State Route 47 located over an industrial waterway in Long Beach. The surface of the bridge is metal grating, so walking over the bridge one sees nothing but water below. Very spooky!

During a scouting trip before the game, several ISETV members discovered a hole the size of a breadbox in the bridge grating. The original plan was to hang the clues in the hole, so that players would have to lie down on the grating to get the clues. Just after they attempted this themselves, bridge sirens went off, the gates at both ends of the bridge dropped, and the middle of the bridge started to lift up. They managed to sprint off the bridge just in time!

Unfortunately, by the time the game rolled around, the hole was repaired, and workmen were actively working on the bridge. As a result, the next clue wasn’t actually placed directly on the bridge but rather on the back of the gate that drops while the drawbridge was raised.

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