The next clue was located at Newport Beach lifeguard tower 17.

A team familiar with Newport Beach would know that Balboa Street intersects with numbered streets that correspond to the numbers on the lifeguard towers.  Pictured here is the corner of Balboa and 17th, a location with ample parking just 100 yards from the lifeguard tower. A few teams parked prematurely and had to run 0.5 miles down the beach.

ISETV placed twelve team-colored towels on the sand next to the lifeguard tower. These were not flags, as noted by media coverage.

Digging beneath the towels allowed the players to find the next clue. Only team Blue couldn’t find their box. (We swear that they must have moved their towel…)

At least one player, Steve Nagy, was reported to have streaked the beach in his tighty-whities. Several teams tried to break into the actual lifeguard tower. A boogie board was provided to teams to assist their swimming. No teams used it, although some tried to take it with them!

Rob Bikel, a friend of Eric’s from college, and his friend Judi Ulicki were the helpers who kept teams out of trouble.


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