One of the main attractions at the Anaheim Family Fun Center is a giant 8 foot tall maze. To complete the maze, teams had to find punch machines in the maze for the letters M, A, Z, E and numbers 1 through 8 and fill out their cards accordingly. 

ISETV provided only one rule - the same maze card had to reach all twelve of the punch machines. 

Teams completed the maze in 20 to 35 minutes using a variety of techniques. Many orchestrated the maze from the observation towers using walkie-talkies. As team members learned portions of the maze, they would relay race throughout the maze with their card. Other teams rolled under walls instead of running through the maze. 

The Red team completed the maze in record time. Steve Nagy bribed a 14-year old Family Fun Center employee with $20 to lead him to the punch machines and completed the maze in only 7 minutes! 

One team spent 52 minutes at this site. They sent just one player into the maze while the rest of their players hung out and enjoyed the breeze! 

The maze has six observation towers. Two towers are shown in this picture along with a third of the maze itself.

Upon completing the maze, players received the next clue.

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