Santa’s Village was the next destination. This roadside attraction not only had a miniature North Pole village, but also a variety of live reindeer and other animals.

The envelopes for the next clue weren't actually located in the village but rather were taped behind this gingerbread house and beneath the mushroom caps next to the road. Despite verbal instructions to look near the road, ISETV received a few calls from players walking around the village while looking for their clue.

The clue simply directed players to “go to the candy cane in the Art Craft Festival parking lot on the other side of the road.”

From there teams engaged in an orienteering challenge requiring a compass and ideally an altimeter. There was a pre-game bonus clue that told them to bring this.

This is the candy cane.

The players were given point to point instructions that guided them from the candy cane to laminated cards hidden on trees throughout the hillside forest and along a very steep ravine. Each card had a few letters that built a message as well as directions to find the next card.

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