In early March of 1998, prospective ‘investors’ received a printed letter from Dr. Claus Horof, Director of the ISETV. Subsequently Dr. Horof used a HotMail account to contact players and organize them into investor groups in preparation for an upcoming alien visitation.

Many teams never determined who Dr. Horof was or what team he was associated with. (Team Pink and Team Purple did learn our identity.)

Leading up to the May 23, 1998 investor meeting, ISETV engaged players in various pre-game online activities such as chat sessions and a web site contest. (This was the first game to ever do this.) The basic idea was to get people fired up for the game without requiring a significant pre-game time investment.

Based on their performance in the online exercises, the following teams were awarded useful objects during the opening ceremony

  1. Blue: A Scrabble board for use in this clue.
  2. Plaid: A map (all addresses removed) for use at this site.
  3. Purple: Earthquake tables for use in this clue.

Also, in early April a web site was posted containing the premise for the game. It also contained a few pieces of hidden information

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